• Valuable inputs, training and orientation by Nationally and Internationally acclaimed legal and non-legal expertise
  • Mapping of the legal and non-legal skills with the theoretical framework of curriculum
  • Building skills with help of:
    • Simulation based Teaching – Learning pedagogy with the help of live cases, hypothetical problems, drafts and pleading by experts.
    • Extensive Vertical and Horizontal (Macro and Micro) legal and non-legal required skill building
    • Activities focusing on problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking
    • Opportunity to observe and analyse famous live cases in courts/tribunals, pending in legal departments, law firms etc.
  • Unique blend of legal and required non-legal skills
  • Extensive and quality supporting material, videos and online courses
  • Rigorous and continuous assessment of skills based on outcome based exercises


  • Students pursuing Law in general
  • Students pursuing Law at SLS-Pune
  • Practising Law Professionals
  • Social Crusader, Reformers and NGOs
  • People interested in Legal Skills