With the advanced information technology and progression of industrial development, the complexity of the transactions and emerging trends of the businesses are natural outcomes. So is the requirement of the core competencies and skill sets which a professional is expected to have. Due to this, the portfolios of the professionals, working or practicing, have also observed a remarkable change. Skills and knowledge application remains to be the crucial factor for the professional to work efficiently. Studies reveal that the share of generic skills in the profile of the professional has been increasing over a period of time. Rather than hard working, the focus has been shifted to smart and efficient working. This aims to have effective application of the core skills along with the generic skills.

Legal field is also not an exception. Lawyers remain to be one of the important stakeholders in the overall working population of the country. Their effective contribution for the society in particular and economy in general has always been a proven fact. The exclusivity of the field is in its own feature wherein the study and application of laws, creative and innovative interpretation and presentation are blended in an efficient manner. Over a period of time, the expected knowledge base and versatile skill sets which lawyers should possess, has also changed.

Due to this, there arises a need whereby the formal and structured training of application of generic skills with the legal skills should be imparted. The Legal Skills Centre at Symbiosis Law School, Pune aims to produce Law Professionals equipped with the good blend of Legal and Non Legal skills. This in turn would enable the beneficiaries to work more effectively and emerge as dynamic competent professionals.